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ASDA'S COVID-19 Response.

Because of the urgency of this pandemic, The ASDA has developed an Interim Guidance document to help promote the safest possible treatment for our patients as well as all dental health care professionals. The Interim Guidance is referenced with both governmental recommendations and scientific literature. As our knowledge of COVID-19 is so rapidly evolving, the Interim Guidance will be updated as needed to reflect advances in our understanding of this complex disease process.

Virtual Fall CE Meeting!

Coming up in spring:
April 22-24, 2021
Newport Beach, CA

2021 Annual Scientific Session and General Assembly of Members.
Live and in person!

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The Coronavirus has interrupted all of our lives in many ways. One minor inconvenience for us is that our website was being redesigned when the crisis began. We are working to fill the site with valuable information for patients, dentists and our members. For now, we are only putting up the most important content, particularly that which pertains to COVID-19, which is why the site may appear a bit sparse. We thank you for your patience.

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